Humor & Health Journal

May/June, 1994

Humor is mankind's greatest blessing.
Mark Twain

...I suspect that there is some sort of genetic component that has to do with quickness of mind.

...this is the first generation in all history to have been literally brainwashed with humor from birth.

If you listen carefully to children you will have plenty about which to laugh.

Humor & Health Journal (formerly Humor & Health Letter) is issued bimonthly and is the official publication of Humor & Health Institute. Humor & Health Institute is dedicated to humor and communicating its relationships with healthómedical, psychological, social, and spiritual well being. Our two primary purposes are: 1) inform members of clinical, research, program developments, and discoveries, news, and other information related to humor and health; 2) to invite, encourage, and remind of the value and importance of maintaining a humorous life perspective. HHJ content is comprised of a balance between entertaining material (humorous book reviews and excerpts, cartoons, quotes, and anecdotes) and information (scientific research, clinical and professional interviews about humor and health). HHI membership consists of those in a wide variety of fields and disciplines who hold an interest in the relationship between humor and healthó those who take humor seriously and can take seriousness humorously.

Humor & Health Journal is printed in U.S.A. in Ridgeland, Mississippi 39157. Advertising is not accepted, however clinicians, authors, publishers, scientists, clergy and others interested in sharing examples of humor and information about humor and health are encouraged to send appropriate material that we may review and possibly share with readers. Featured interviews and articles are primarily by invitation only. HHJ is published and edited by Joe Richard Dunn, Ph.D.

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Humor & Health

Steve Allen
Comedian / Entertainer/Author/
Van Nuys, CA

Lee S. Berk, D.HSc
Psychoneuroimmunology/ProfessorSchool of Medicine / Public Health; Loma Linda University, CA

Barry Bittman, MD
Neurologist/CEO TouchStar
Meadville, PA

Ashleigh Brilliant, Ph.D.
Author (Creator of Brilliant Thoughts and Pot Shotsô) Santa Barbara, CA

John C. Chin, Ph.D.
Psychologist/Lt.Colonel/U. S. Army Fayetteville, NC

Sheila Feigelson, Ph.D.
Professional Speaker/ Consultant/Ann Arbor, MI

William F. Fry, Jr., M.D.
Emeritus Fellow /APA; Emeritus Clinical Professor Psychiatry; Stanford University, CA

Conrad Hyers, Ph.D.
Professor/ History of Religions/ Gustavus Adolphus College, MN

Clifford C. Kuhn, M.D.
Professor of Psychiatry/ University of Louisville/ Standup Comedian

Eva Walker Myer
Writing Consultant /Jackson, MS

Gene Perret
Comedy Writer/TV Producer/ Author/ Head Writer for Bob Hope,
Los Angeles, CA

Waleed Salameh, Ph.D.
Psychologist/Author; San Diego, CA

Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.
Author/Physician/Surgeon/Yale University Faculty, New Haven, CT

Michael Titze, Ph.D.
Author/Psychologist, Tuttlingen, Germany

Patty Wooten, B.S.N. CCRN
Nurse/Professional Speaker/ Pres, Am Asso. Therapeutic Humor/ Davis, CA