World Laughter Tour - "For the Love of Laughter Ever After"


The World Laughter Tour, Inc.


Dr. Madan Kataria (Bombay, India),
President and Founder of Laughter Club International

Learn how the Ancient Secrets and the Modern Science of
Laughter Can Improve Your Health and Bring Peace to the World

"Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand." -
Mark Twain

"In nature everything is just waiting for you to laugh.
When you laugh, the whole of nature laughs with you.
It echoes and resounds, and that is really the worth of life." -
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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A healthy ha-ha-ha!
An Indian physician who believes in the healing power of laughter brings the World Laughter Tour to South Jersey.

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"Ancient Secrets and Modern Sciences of Laughter
for Health and Peace"


Inside the USA you can use our toll-free phone number: 800-669-5233. Also, you can e-mail our travel manager, Pamela Stile:, or website:

Our intital World Laughter Tour programs

in Columbus, Ohio, and Louisville, Kentucky, have met with complete and wonderful success. The audience reception to the ideas, theories, and laughter exercises has been enthusiastic, to say the least. In each city so far, many people have come forward to learn how to facilitate laughter clubs (laughter circles is probably a more descriptitve term for the USA).

We are gaining an understanding of how this concept can "translate" to the American culture. We will keep you posted about developments. I am including information to remind you of our itinerary. Please do all you can to join us. The programs are remarkable.

Let me know if you want facilitator training, or a demonstration program in your community, or how I can help you get started with a laughter club. I am spending 24/7 with Dr. Kataria for six weeks, so that when he returns to india, I will be in the best position to help anyone get going. After all, I have been appointed to be President of the United States Division of Laughter Club International, so I want to do the best job possible for this worthy mission.

Steve Wilson, Psychologist
The Cheerman of The Bored


Dr. Kataria's new book, "LAUGH FOR NO REASON" is gorgeous, with more than 65 photographs, most in color, and 224 pages of explanations of the theory and practice of laughter sessions...without jokes... for health and peace.

How is this possible? Read the book and come to our programs and see for yourself.

You can order the book only from The World Laughter Tour, Inc, for $24.95 + $3.95 s/h. We accept Visa, MasterCard and checks. You can Order from 1-800-669-5233, or to this email address, or fax: 614-855-4889. There is a limited supply of books in the USA right now, but many more are coming from India in 30 days. Quantity discounts are available when purchased by corporation, organizations, or bookstores.


We now have available a 25-minute video documentary, "No Laughing Matter'" all about Dr. Kataria and laughter clubs, recorded in India by Tony Sehgal, a film and video producer from San Jose, California.

This is the first time this video has been offered to the public and it is not available anywhere else.

"No Laughing Matter" is totally unique, bringing us information as it has never before been available. Until now we have only been able to read about this type of laughter therapy, based in yoga, invented halfway around the world. Now you can see it and hear it, and learn about it from the physician who is the founder and president of Laughter Club International, Dr. Madan Kataria.

It is a gorgeous piece. Well done. Beautiful. Alive with color and sound that takes you right to Bombay (you can almost smell the curry). Sehgal recorded extensive interviews with Kataria explaining his theories, and with many club members who explain why they love the laughter therapy exercises and how they benefit from them; plus, lots of footage of the laughter exercises they do. Permission for broadcast can be obtained. In the United States, for example, it would be perfect for your local PBS affiliate during their fund-raising campaigns.

The video is motivational and instructive. I am now incorporating parts of it for my seminars about humor and laughter. I personally believe that "No Laughing Matter" is a 'must' for everyone who teaches or studies about humor and laughter. And, for anyone who intends to start a Laughter Club.

Every new Laughter Club member should see this video.

When it is in general release for sale it will retail for U.S. $125.00, but mention this announcement or order through our Web site,, and the price is only $75.00 + $3.00 shipping, a savings of 40%. This price is for personal orders only, please.

Insitutional orders should be at full price.

Thanks to Tony Sehgal, this is one of our fund-raising activites for the World Laughter Tour. Let me know if you would like one or more.

To make the video even more helpful to serious laughter lovers, we are including with each one:

- A red, sponge-rubber clown nose

- A copy of "Mumbai, Home of Laughter Clubs and World Laughter Day," by Steve Wilson with material by Dr. Madan Kataria.

This describes a typical laughter club in Bombay, explains the health benefits of laughter therapy and tells some of the Do's and Don'ts of laughter therapy. It also tells the aims and objectives of Laughter Clubs International.

We are making this very attractive offer so that as many people as possible will be encouraged to start laughing for health and showing others new ways to have healthy laughter. It will give Dr. kataria and the World Laughter Tour a warm welcome around the world in years to come and in the United States in June 1999.

Order today. How many shall we send you? VISA & MasterCard accepted.

Great things jest keep on happening to those who love to laugh.

Steve Wilson, CSP, America's Joyologist <:o)
Karyn Buxman, CSP, President of HUMORx <:o)

Unite and
Happy!If not, then visit the web site and learn more about it.