I visited your site and look forward to seeing it grow.

We can add a link from our site to yours, and you can do the same from yours to ours. That will give more people access to information about laughter!

Karyn Buxman and I spent some time with Patch Adams (the REAL one) last month at the American Association for Therapeutic Humor. It was a wonderful time. The film will be a big help to those of us who want to help the world love laughter even more than it already does. I am sending along photos for you.

We have as the World of Laughter Tour mission: to bring events that promote health and peacethrough laughter to every continent. We will do this by presenting, consulting, teaching, through our website, and material and tools we develop. We will create an exchange of ideas so the world can learn and share laughter.

We plan to be in Europe and to laugh with you in the Alps. First, we need invitations and strong sponsors. It will all come eventually.

Unite and

Let's stay in touch,
Steve Wilson