World Laughter Day

World Laughter Day always on 1st Sunday in May

As you are aware that 1st Sunday of every May is celebrated as a World Laughter Day (WLD). I received the information from various laughter leaders around the world, that this Big Day is being celebrated in many countries like India, USA, Australia, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, UK & Hungary. This year Madhuri and I will be laughing on WLD with nearly 8,000 people at the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Format

The usual format of WLD celebration is, gathering of laughter club members and the well wishers at important landmark places of the cities like big squares, stadium, public parks or auditoriums etc. After gathering, a Peace March is undertaken by walking a few kilometres on the important road of the city, carrying banners, placards with slogans of "World Peace through Laughter", "The Whole World is An Extended Family", "Laugh for Life", "Love & Laughter", "Laughter has No Language", "HO, HO,, HA, HA, HA", "Laugh & Make Others Laugh", "Laughter, A Positive Energy", "Join Laughter Club - It's FREE", "I Love to Laugh" (anyone with more ideas about slogans on this day, please send us on our e-mail: ).

During the Peace March, we will chant "Ho, Ho, Ha, Ha, Ha" with clapping and dancing. After walking some distance, the procession stops for a while to do one or two laughter yoga exercises (for example: Milkshake, Mobile, Lion, One Meter, Greeting etc.).

At the end of the Peace March, a big gathering will take place around a stage or platform, from where the Laughter Leaders will conduct a brief 10 minutes laughter session followed by message from Dr. Kataria, to be read out and prayer for World Peace.


Dear Laughter Lovers,

The war in the external world is a reflection of the inner war, which is going on in the minds of people all over the world. The reason why we are not laughing enough today, is because we have not understood the real meaning of laughter. Laughter is not only amusement, entertainment and fun; as a matter of fact laughter is an expression of inner happiness which can come only when we understand the purpose of life.

The real purpose of life is that every human being has a unique talent to contribute and GIVE to this world and not focusing more on what we can TAKE or ACHIEVE from this world.

Another reason why we are not laughing more is that we have learnt to laugh only when there is a success and achievement but we have not learnt to laugh and celebrate our mistakes, failures and difficulties, from which we can learn a lot.

Laughter is a positive energy. Laughter Yoga exercises will bring good health and well being while inner spirit of laughter will help us to understand the deeper meaning of life. By understanding the ways and means of sensible living through Laughter Clubs we can bring peace within us and inner peace will bring peace in the outer world.

Let us stand in silence for 2 minutes by spreading our arms, up in the sky and praying silently in our hearts for the World Peace (After Peace Prayer, one hearty laughter should be done while the arms are still stretched out).

Dr. Madan Kataria