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Yours is among the first websites to be granted the Website2000
Award from the World Laughter Tour, Inc.
We believe it is important to make this award in appreciation and recognition of deserving websites around the world that:
* Promote laughter and humor for their many redeeming values
* Make people aware of the importance of humor and laughter at home, work, school, and in the healing processes
* Show how laughter can make the world a better, more peaceful place
* Provide resources for promoting laughter and humor.
We hope that you will attach this award to your website and display it proudly, and that it will enhance your prestige and strengthen your credibility. You deserve it, and the end result will be that more and more people will avail themselves of the miraculous benefits of laughter and humor.
The award is attached to this e-mail as a .jpg file. Have your Webmaster paste the jpg onto your website so that the award button then links to WLT website, www.worldlaughtertour.com. Your website will be listed on our website as an «Award Winning Website» and we will then have mutual linkage. If you have any questions about how to do this, contact Donna Boiman, ohioart@infinet.com.
We are pleased and proud to recognize your outstanding work with this award.

Steve Wilson and Karyn Buxman
Co-Creators of The World Laughter Tour, Inc., and U.S.A. Laughter Clubs

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